Welcome to M3 Guitar Version 2.0!

This site describes how to play a 7-string guitar tuned in major thirds in various styles of music. It will eventually develop into the multi-media equivalent of an instructional book on harmony, scales, and technique. Some advice on equipment is included as well. A light-hearted introduction, and certainly a more entertaining version, is available at M3 Guitar Version 1.0, which I put online in October 2001. Both versions are entirely free, with no adds or banners of any kind, and I intend to keep it that way.

The M3 Guitar Version 2.0 is divided into three main sections, as indicated by the menu on the left.

There is a link to the first version of M3 Guitar in the menu at the top. The About page allows you to keep track of the changes and additions I make as the site evolves, and for a bit of extra information about what I am up to you can follow me on Twitter (low traffic, a single-digit number of messages per month, all related to music).

It is my hope that through these webpages I can to some extent convey the elegant logic and the beautiful symmetry that the M3 produces. Thank you for your time and enjoy your visit!

Ole Kirkeby

November 2007, updated April 2010